Make on online poster complete with text, pictures, music, and video. Then print it or embed it on your classroom blog or wiki! Glogster is a great way for students to present what they've learned from research.

Discovery Education Recommends Glogster!

Teachers Can Use Glogster to:

  • Introduce a new topic and present background information.
  • Create a resource for review.
  • Create a "how to" or tutorial that can be viewed from home or school.
  • Give an assignment.
  • Create a center.

Students Can Use Glogster to:

  • Demonstrate what they've learned (instead of a PowerPoint) in any subject area.
  • Create a book review
  • Make a collage of their art work, poetry, etc.
  • Introduce themselves to the teacher and new classmates.
  • Create a chapter review to share with classmates.

Tutorials and Resources

Elementary School Examples

High School Examples

Student-Created Examples

Glogster in 90 Seconds