Windows 7

Windows 7 is Microsoft's latest operating system. Our new desktop and laptop computers come equipped with Windows 7, so let's take a look at its features! (OK, I have to say this. I'm now primarily a Mac user, and much of this stuff looks very similar to the Apple operating system!)

(Training handout created by Tami Winters and tweaked by me)
Instructions for saving to the school network using Windows 7.

"Discover Windows 7" Short video demonstrating what's new in Windows 7.
What is Windows 7? Overview from Microsoft.
Windows 7: Videos and Tours Microsoft's short videos describing the new features of Windows 7.

Features of Windows 7

Shake--Focus on one open window. Shake it, and the other open windows are minimized to the taskbar. Shake again, and the minimized windows reappear on your desktop.
Peek--See your desktop without minimizing your open windows.
Snap--Arrange two windows side by side. Just grab each window and drag it to the edge of your screen. The windows will snap into place.
Pin--Pin program icons to your taskbar for easy access. Pin documents that you use often for easy access.
Jump Lists--Lists of recently opened files, organized by programs. You can also "pin" frequently used files to your jump lists for quick access.
Snipping Tool--Captures a screen shot of anything on your desktop and saves it as a picture.

Microsoft Office 2007


Getting Started with Microsoft Office 2007--Free hands-on training from Microsoft
Technology Skills Orientation from Florida Gulf Coast University--Office 2007 Tutorials
Office 2007 Tutorials from Lynchburg College--Free downloads in Word format
Microsoft Office 2007 (Tutorials)

Publisher 2007:
Microsoft Publisher 2007 in Pictures (Tutorial)
Microsoft Publisher 2007 (Tutorial from Microsoft)
Microsoft Publisher 2007 (Video tutorials)
Create Postcards in History--Students write postcards to and from historical figures.
Create a Class Newspaper
Newsletter Lesson Plan--Students research an artist (or another historic or public figure) and create a newsletter to share what they've learned.
Create a Class Recipe Book--Students research a cultural family recipe and create a flyer with the recipe to include in a class cookbook.
Publisher Lesson Plans
Back in Time Travel Brochures

Windows Live Movie Maker:
Download Windows Live Movie Maker 2011(Free download for Windows 7)
Getting Started (YouTube video)