Wikis in the Classroom

What is a wiki? Take a look at "Wikis in Plain English."


Wikispaces for Educators Get a FREE wiki for your classroom.
(Step-by-step instructions to get you started--created by me!)

Wiki Walk-Through An intro to using wikis in the classroom, with ideas for integrating wikis into the curriculum.
50 Ways to Use Wikis for a More Collaborative and Interactive Classroom
Educational Wikis This site aims to answer one question: "How can I use wikis in education?"
Wiki While You Work An introduction to using wikis in the classroom.
Getting Tricky with Wikis Go here for help in constructing your wiki!
Wikispaces in Education: A Comprehensive Tutorial A slideshow on using Wikispaces in the classroom.
Elementary Wiki Ideas Suggestions for using wikis in an elementary classroom.
Wiki Workshop A self-guided wiki lab which will help you create your own educational wiki.

Examples of Classroom Wikis:

Educational Wikis Links to examples of educational wikis.
School Library Web Sites Wiki Not all of these web sites are created as wikis, but there are lots of examples as well as tips for best practices for school web sites.

High School:
English 11 Wiki (by Barbara Beggs of Keystone High School)
1950's Wiki (by Brett Vaughn of Keystone High School)
El Dia de los Muertos (SeƱora Patton's Spanish II class research project)
Technology Classes (Westwood School, GA)
Mrs. Maine's Wiki (Science classes by Louise Maine of Punxsutawney High School)
Teaching Latin America (A wiki created as a research project by Humanities classes in a PA high school.)
Schellenburg Math (A wiki used by a math teacher in Canada.)

Keystone Kids-209 (5th grade classroom by Marilyn Bunch of Keystone Elementary)
108's Welcome Wiki (1st grade classroom by Erin Zacherl of Keystone Elementary)
B-7 Bobcats (1st grade classroom by Traci Blazosky of Clarion Elementary)
Mrs. Abernethy's Techno Tigers (5th grade classroom from Greenville, PA)
2nd Grade classroom from California
Adams News Wiki (News from Adams Middle School in California)